The very small sensor housing fits into every air conditioner and installation is easy. It is connected via the line filter at the condensate water drain hose of the air conditioner.

As soon as the float housing is filled up to ¾ with condensate water, it starts the delay of 5 seconds. After this time, the pump is switched on and pumps the water out until the float housing is less than ½ full.

If in case of a defect pump or of a blockage, the pump is running for one minute continuously, the alarm relay in the power unit switches over, and the air conditionning unit can be turned off.

The sensor operates using capacitive level measurement, and has been specially developed for air conditioning systems. It also functions with lower conductivity of the condensate, but, above all, for water that is contaminated by dirt, oil or algae.
Unlike conventional condensate pumps with float switches, the system Secura-Split® XS 5000 has no moving parts in the sensor housing that could be blocked by dirt or algae. In addition, this electronic sensor also operates in a sloping position (unlike float switches).

The pumps are extremely quiet, powerful and self-priming oscillating piston pumps and are fitted with non-return valves. The version “XS 5000 – STD 15 L/h” is fitted with an integrated temperature protection switch and, in addition, this pump is also encased in insulating plastic to reduce the noise level.

Since the flow rate of each pump is reduced by even very low dirt accumulation, the system has a line filter and a built in metallic tissue filter in the sensor housing.